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A new eco-neighbourhood in the very heart of Geneva: Bouygues Construction begins work on Quai Vernets, the first “2000 Watts site” in the canton of Geneva


A vast environmental project is being created in the centre of Geneva. Working on behalf of eight investors, Losinger Marazzi, the Swiss subsidiary of Bouygues Construction, is now embarking on the construction of the first property development in the canton of Geneva to be awarded the “2000 Watts Site” label. For Losinger Marazzi, this is a benchmark project in terms of the circular economy and reuse: 20,000 tonnes of concrete from the old barracks will be crushed on site and reused. The value of the order amounts to CHF 482 million (€475 million). 



The district, which will be completely reconfigured, will contain 1,355 homes (two-thirds of them social housing and one-third rentcontrolled), premises for activities relating to the social economy and pedestrian and planted areas created from public spaces. There will also be an office complex and a school campus.


This marks the start of the transformation of the former barracks site and the banks of the River Arve as part of the extensive Praille Acacias Vernets (PAV) urban project.



The development of pedestrian zones is a central part of the project, with 25,000 m2 of green spaces in addition to the redevelopment of the banks of the River Arve and the conversion of a car park into a tree-lined esplanade. On delivery, which will be phased between 2026 and 2027, residents will be provided with 3,000 bicycle spaces and they will have access to 100% renewable energy.


The Ensemble* team, led by Losinger Marazzi and Pillet SA, is responsible for developing, financing, building and operating the Quai Vernets. Consisting of public- and private-sector companies as well as cooperatives, its focus is on ensuring that the Quai Vernets project meets the expectations of the population of Geneva.


* Losinger Marazzi and Pillet SA (lead companies), Swiss Life AG, City of Geneva Foundation for Social Housing (FVGLS), Associative Housing Cooperative (CODHA), Geneva Housing Cooperative (SCHG), Geneva State Pension Fund (CPEG), Mobilière Suisse Insurance Company, Inter-Company Occupational Pension Fund (CIEPP), Housing Cooperative for People in Training (CIGUE). 



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