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Monday 8 October 2018
At the annual congress of the Union Sociale pour l’Habitat (USH) – the French national union of social housing organisations – Bouygues Construction is presenting Wizom, an offer of solutions available though all its building subsidiaries, designed to meet all the challenges of the housing of tomorrow. It consists of four complementary offers for different markets: Wizom Connected, Wizom For Life, Wizom Smart Concept and Wizom Rehabilitation.
Stéphane Slama-Royer, CEO of Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France - Habitat Social, said: “The launch of Wizom offers for housing demonstrates our commitment to providing our customers with new answers to their everyday challenges. Through proximity, services for residents, the social and community dimension, technological innovations and BIM, our offers provide customisable solutions that ensure all our projects are tailor-made.”
Changing lifestyles and the new uses that are increasingly emerging in digital technology are profoundly altering both the form and the function of housing. Bouygues Construction has chosen a single offer for all its housing solutions to help it respond more effectively to the needs of the property market and of end users. Consisting of four offers, it includes:

  • Wizom Connected, an offer of connected housing based on open IoT (Internet of Things) technologies for buildings that are more efficient and eco-responsible.
  • Wizom For Life, an offer of flexible housing that adapts to suit each stage of the occupants’ lives, reflecting changes in their needs and enabling them to increase the value of their property.
  • Wizom Smart Concept, an offer of economical, customisable housing that uses digital modelling to combine a standardised structure and prefabricated elements.
  • Wizom Rehabilitation, an offer of refurbishment on occupied sites designed to meet the economic, social, cultural and environmental challenges of towns and cities, ensuring the sustainable value of the estate. Its particularity is to integrate a collaborative dimension by involving the residents at every stage of the project.
Wizom is the result of joint research carried out between Bouygues Construction’s Housing division and its customers in order to get the best possible understanding of their needs. All the offers have already been trialled, constituting a number of references in France.
Bouygues Construction will present Wizom on its stand (D05) at the annual congress of the Union Sociale pour l’Habitat (USH) – the French national union of social housing organisations – from October 9 to 11 in Marseille.

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