Press release

1,000 young people in France on work/study contracts in 2022: Bouygues Construction sets an ambitious recruitment target.



For the fourth year running, Bouygues Construction is taking action to meet the challenges of recruitment with a plan to recruit 1,000 students on work/study programmes throughout France. This ambitious campaign is designed to meet the high recruitment needs of all the Group’s businesses, with a target of 10% of the French workforce on work/study contracts by 2025.

Bouygues Construction has once again taken the initiative to actively promote the employment of qualified young people, who account for 60% of the company’s hirings and are its primary means of strengthening its workforce.
By the end of 2021, 7% of Bouygues Construction’s teams in France consisted of students on work/study contracts. The Group’s ambition is for this figure to rise to 10% by 2025. Work/study programmes enable the Group to offer quality training to students wishing to join its businesses, opening the door to future employment. In the face of the major challenges facing the profession in terms of environmental and digital transformation and generational renewal, work/study programmes are a practical and effective response.

A national campaign to recruit work/study students
Called “Construct your future with us”, the campaign was developed in collaboration with the communications agency Zcomme. From September 2022, Bouygues Construction will be rolling out a global communication campaign aimed at students looking for work/study contracts. The opportunities relate to all the Group’ s businesses. Throughout the campaign, work/study students currently working for Bouygues Construction will talk about their experience.
Applications can be submitted on the Bouygues Construction careers website.

A vital need for training
Bouygues Construction supports its work/study students throughout the time they spend with the Group. With more than 5% of the total payroll dedicated to training each year, Bouygues Construction provides a significant amount of additional training for work/study students and young graduates, regardless of their role or level within the company.
The Group makes particularly heavy use of its Gustave Eiffel training centre, founded in 1997, its in-house university (Bouygues Construction University) and members of the Minorange Guild (an order created in 1963, consisting of skilled construction site workers who are particularly committed to passing on their knowledge).

Three highlights are scheduled for the 2022 campaign
  • April 20 and 21: a forum was held at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris to recruit site workers and supervisory personnel in the Paris region.
  • Between June and September, numerous events will be held in training centres and young people’s employment centres in the regions for future work/study students.
  • May 10 and 11: there will be a forum specifically intended for recruiting higher education students.

Amélie Quidor, Director of Human Resources at Bouygues Construction, said: “The construction industry gives the new generation an opportunity to play a key role. We need to train new recruits to meet our customers’ expectations and to meet the challenges of decarbonisation and digitalisation, allowing us to build differently. At Bouygues Construction, we are fortunate to have a real culture of mentoring and training for our work/study students by committed employees. They will provide support for our work/study students, maximising their chances of success and helping them to get started in their professional lives!”