Press release

Update on the cyber-attack


Following the virus attack on the Bouygues Construction computer network that occurred on January 30, specific measures have been taken to ensure that our work can continue in France and in other countries.

No construction sites have been halted and all data output from the company to the outside is subject to a more stringent security procedure.

Bouygues Construction’s IT teams, supported by external and the Bouygues group experts, are continuing the restoration of the IT network and are bringing its functions back into service.

The company has filed a complaint and is working in conjunction with the competent authorities to identify the origin of this criminal action and to protect the interests of its customers and partners. Ad hoc insurance policies have been activated.

In the face of this attack, Bouygues Construction’s teams have shown exceptional commitment. A wave of solidarity has been created around them from partner companies, customers and suppliers, who have spontaneously provided their own experts to back up our own. Bouygues Construction would like to thank them for this.