SMALT Offers New Services For the Connected Buildings Market in France, Operating Throughout the Entire Value Chain

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Hubert Engelmann

Marie Pinot

  • Created and incubated as part of Bouygues Construction, the start-up Wizom Connected, dedicated to the connected housing market, has changed its name to SMALT, reflecting a new range of services offered to the smart building market.
  • SMALT is the only player in the French market that operates from end to end in the connected building value chain.
  • SMALT benefits from the full strength of Bouygues Construction’s innovation.
As a specialist in smart buildings, SMALT is a B2B player, involved in designing, configuring, installing and maintaining turnkey connected, open and smart systems.
SMALT provides an open digital platform encompassing all the functions and services of the building. This platform makes it possible to offer numerous services to residents as well as to operators and landlords, such as consumption management, remote control of connected equipment, links with other external services, etc. 

With the experience of over 4,000 successful domestic installations in France, SMALT has broadened its range of products and services to meet the growing expectations of property owners, developers and landlords, on the basis of four promises:
  • Contributing to a successful energy transition
    Decentralised energy production, control of individual consumption, performance of buildings
  • Supporting changes in society
    Adapting housing to changes in an individual's needs over their lifetime, mixed uses (housing, offices, etc.), home support for vulnerable people
  • Improving living standards
    Lower expenditure on heating, vehicles, space, etc., new income (courtesy accommodation, energy production, etc.), exchange of services between individuals
  • Providing amenities and services Security of property and people, social links between neighbours and colleagues, incorporation of new technologies
Stéphane Slama Royer, Chairman of SMALT, said: “Our customers are looking for a wide range of connected services to add value to their buildings, expand the services they provide and reduce their carbon footprints. Our open and interoperable offering provides them with scalable solutions tailored to their projects. It also enables them to enhance the long-term value of their assets.”
In addition, the creation of SMALT perfectly illustrates the importance of the model of supporting employees in developing innovations devised in-house at Bouygues Construction and bringing them to market, which helps everyone to develop their projects for the benefit of customers.