Press release

Bouygues Construction joins the Cambridge Service Alliance, strengthening global drive for innovation and digital transformation


Bouygues Construction has joined forces with The Cambridge Service Alliance (CSA), a unique global partnership between the University of Cambridge and some of the world’s leading businesses. This alliance is a great opportunity for both organisations to engage on digital transformation topics, in particular the research they are both conducting on digital twins – where virtual models are used to represent physical objects - and the common drive for customer-centric approaches to better navigate the business landscape of the future.

Founded in 2010, the Alliance helps global companies design and deliver successful complex service systems. Bouygues Construction, which designs, builds and operates in construction, civil works and energies and services in more than 60 countries, will benefit from the rigorous research, practical tools, insights and education programmes provided by the Alliance membership to support its global ambitions for shared innovation across all industry sectors. 

The partnership forms part of a more global approach of collaboration with academic researchers worldwide led by the Bouygues Construction Research & Development department. With its Design Lab unit actively involved in projects led by The Cambridge Service Alliance, the Group is aiming to adopt new technologies and new digital design methods to build the constructions of tomorrow.

Speaking of the partnership, Chair of Bouygues Construction United Kingdom, Fabienne Viala said:
“Innovation for the benefit of our customers, communities, and the environment is critical. We very much look forward to partnering with such a prestigious academic institution and are proud to be contributing to Cambridge and its regional reputation for excellence and innovation by sharing our research and experience”.

Marie-Luce Godinot, Bouygues Construction Group Executive VP in charge of Digital Transformation, Innovation and Sustainable Development said:
“Digital Twin is at the heart of our digital transformation and innovation strategy. We are delighted to partner with the Cambridge Service Alliance to accelerate research and development to better capture and create value for our clients, thanks to digital twin, both in terms of new services and enhanced experience. This will enrich our current work with Dassault Systemes to power a new generation of collaborative platform simplifying and streamlining construction project management and interactions across the value chain to increase productivity, compliance and predictability for the benefit of our clients.”

Mohamed Zaki, Deputy Director of Cambridge Service Alliance, the University of Cambridge, said:
“We are delighted that Bouygues Construction has joined the Cambridge Service Alliance, contributing its wealth of innovative solutions to address challenges in sustainable construction. From a business perspective, new emerging digital technologies such as digital twins are critical for the future of construction industry. It will support the development of transformational new services and achieve long-term competitive advantages, but only if these technologies have practical applications. Through this joint research collaboration, we will work alongside Bouygues Construction to identify best practices to enable successful service business model innovation powered by digital twins”