Press release

Bouygues Construction renews its partnership with WWF France


Stronger cooperation in France and internationally for the development of more sustainable regions and low-carbon construction

After a six-year partnership, Bouygues Construction, a responsible and committed company, has renewed its commitment to WWF France for the third time, to cover the period 2021-2024, in support of the ecological transition at regional level. Through this agreement, WWF France is strengthening its technical cooperation with Bouygues Construction in France and other countries to accelerate the transformation of regions towards a more sober and sustainable model with a low carbon footprint.
The new partnership agreement has been signed as part of Bouygues Construction’s climate strategy, which aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030 and to offer its customers a wide range of low-carbon solutions. The support of WWF France for the responsible sourcing of wood will help the Group to meet its strategic target of constructing 30% of its building projects in Europe in timber by 2030, while also contributing to sustainable forestry management.

WWF France’s cooperation with Bouygues Construction teams over the past six years has enabled the Group to adopt an approach of continuous improvement to reduce its environmental footprint and source responsible timber. In particular, WWF France has supported the Group in the development of sustainable neighbourhoods:
  • Support from WWF France at various phases of eco-neighbourhood projects: the Mathurins Hill in Bagneux; the Les Noés eco-village in Val-de-Reuil; the Digital Stage development at Thiais-Pont de Rungis; and the Eole Evangile fertile block, the first zero-carbon eco-neighbourhood in Paris.
  • Strengthening a shared vision and supporting sustainable urban development in France through Bouygues Construction’s involvement in WWF’s work on sustainable cities and regions.
  • Implementation of  WWF France’s principles of sustainability by raising employees’ awareness and producing a dedicated tool for teams responsible for urban projects to ensure that a maximum number of neighbourhood projects prove themselves exemplary, both in terms of the environment and of quality of use.
 WWF France has also supported risk identification and management relating to timber sourcing in order to improve traceability and sustainability, notably by increasing purchasing of certified timber.
  • A survey of the timber used on a sample of construction sites carried out in late 2018, which also helped to define Bouygues Construction’s timber policy.
  • Identification of a pilot project to illustrate these commitments and to get feedback on a concrete case.
  • Awareness-raising initiatives for Bouygues Construction’s internal and external stakeholders: awareness-raising modules and a sustainable timber procurement guide published for the benefit of Group purchasing teams.
 Philippe Bonnave, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Bouygues Construction, said: “We would like to thank WWF France for the quality of the contribution it has made over the past few years of cooperation to our sustainable neighbourhood projects throughout France and to the structuring and implementation of our commitment regarding the sustainable sourcing of timber. We are pleased to be opening up this partnership at international level and to be able to count on the support of WWF France in seeking out and implementing solutions to environmental and climate issues relating to the ecological transition of cities and regions.”