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2 juin 2015
Saint-Geours-de-Maremne, June 2, 2015: Jean Fone Tchoura, Chief Executive of Domolandes, and Philippe Bonnave, Chairman and Chief Executive of Bouygues Construction, today signed a three-year partnership agreement with the aim of creating an ecosystem that will encourage the exchange of knowledge, co-development and experimentation with innovative and sustainable solutions in building and construction. The purpose of the agreement is to strengthen collaboration between the two organisations in the areas of sustainable construction and the digital transition of the construction sector.
Intended to enable Bouygues Construction and the Domolandes Technopole to pool their investment and research, the agreement specifically covers the following three topics:
  • the development and implementation of virtual reality and augmented reality applied to virtual tours and serious games;
  • the implementation of BIM (Building Information Modelling) by SMEs in the Aquitaine region through a series of pilot projects;
  • the development and implementation of approaches and tools enabling the collaboration of building professionals on different sites.
Apart from allowing the sharing of experience, the agreement also enables Bouygues Construction to make use of the Domolandes ECV (Espace Construction Virtuelle, or Virtual Construction Space). This collective platform, in operation since January 2015, is unique in France. It is equipped with high-tech systems for virtual design and 3D modelling. Aware of the potential support that the ECV offers to the building and construction sector for the adoption of digital technology, Bouygues Construction is joining Domolandes in spreading new technologies to SMEs and developing new digital methods and tools in the sector.
Bouygues Construction and Domolandes share a desire to improve information and support for players in the construction sector with the aim of encouraging the adoption of digital technologies. Forming part of their common desire to carry out projects that meet the challenges of the future, the National Competition for the Creation of Enterprises in Sustainable Construction, instigated by Domolandes, has been organised for the past three years. It aims to encourage the creation of businesses and environmental innovations in the building and construction sector. Bouygues Construction is a member of the panel of experts that judges projects.
Bouygues Construction places open innovation at the heart of its strategy, and creates partnerships with companies, universities and NGOs with expertise that complements its own. This new partnership marks a new advance in the improvement of construction processes and the anticipation of developments in the building and construction markets.

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