Bouygues Construction commits to work-study programmes
The 2021 “Act for your future” work-study recruitment campaign is launched, with more than 1,000 vacancies available throughout France

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Bouygues Construction has been actively engaged in promoting employment for young people for the past three years. “Act for your future”, the 2021 work-study recruitment campaign launched on social networks on April 1, highlights the fact that work-study programmes are one of the best ways of gaining access to professions in the building, public works and energy & services sectors. Across all of the Group’s businesses, 1,000 very diverse positions are available throughout France, including site workers, engineers and support functions.
The company has set a target of having 10% of its workforce on work-study programmes by 2025. The rate currently stands at 5% at Group level, and is on course to reach 7% by the end of the year.
Work-study programmes are of great strategic importance for Bouygues Construction. In a job market where there is a shortage of construction workers, the sector must find a way of rejuvenating its workforce. It also has to address the need for training very quickly in order to keep pace with changes in the construction industry as a result of digital, climatic and environmental challenges. Bouygues Construction has a corporate culture rooted in the transmission of know-how and learning, illustrated by the Minorange Guild, created in 1963, the Gustave Eiffel training centre, founded in 1997, and an in-house university.
The “Act for your future” campaign, which will run through April, will showcase the richness and diversity of professions in the construction and urban and regional planning sectors through over 1,000 work-study opportunities. The exclusively digital campaign will focus on human themes to make up for the lack of real-world contact, with many testimonials from Group employees. Female employees will testify as role models to show that they are equally at ease as men in these professions. The campaign will also feature live sessions allowing for exchanges between recruiters and candidates. Applications can be submitted on the digital platform There will be a very short recruitment process, with over 800 interviews scheduled between April 26 and 30. Between May and September 2021, an internal awareness campaign will be launched within the Group to promote the role of mentors.
Michael Truntzer, Head of Recruitment at Bouygues Construction, explained: “The construction sector and urban and regional sector need creative and enthusiastic future talent to meet today’s environmental and social challenges. At Bouygues Construction, we are fortunate to have a genuine culture of mentoring and training for our work-study students by experienced, committed employees. They will guide the young people on work-study programmes to maximise their chances of success and of integration into the world of work!”